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Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving Rule Out for One Month

November 20th, 2012 at 1:52 PM
By Pat Murphy

Well there it is, one of the few things that could make the Cleveland Cavaliers' 2-8 start NBA season much worse. It was reported yesterday that the Cavaliers' starting point guard, Kyrie Irving, will likely miss up to four weeks, after it was revealed he had a hairline/non-displaced fracture on his left index finger.

Cleveland's star first suffered the injury in the loss to the Dallas Mavericks Saturday night, but continued to play. He also played the following day, in a loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, where Irving was noticeably ineffective. Originally the medical staff ruled the injury a bruise to the finger, after the initial in-game x-rays came back negative, and Irving returned to the game with a wrap on his finger.

Yesterday, the second-year man out of Duke underwent an MRI, which revealed the fracture and ruled him out for approximately one month.

This was a concern for Cleveland heading into the season, as this is not the first injury Irving has dealt with recently. Last season, Kyrie missed 15 games towards the end of the year with a concussion and shoulder injury, as the Cavaliers decided to forgo the small change they had of making a run to the playoffs, in order for their young star to heal properly. This offseason, Irving broke his hand during a Summer League game, hitting a mat underneath the basket after a bad play.

He did not have a clean bill of health either when Cleveland elected to make him the number-one overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. Irving played only 11 games in his one season at Duke, as he suffered a ligament injury in his right big toe that kept him out for most of the year.

Irving has dealt with injury news well, saying before the season that he was not worried about being injury prone, yet it is hard to argue with the facts so far in his young career. The 6'3" guard now has had four injuries that will have caused him to miss time. Though he has shown a willingness to play through pain, the decision has been made each time to shut him down for a span, in order to get things healed properly.

While he has been the best player on the Cavaliers this season, he has also risen to an elite level in the league, currently sixth in scoring, 22.9 point per game, and top 25 in assists, 5.6 per game. He has become a feared point guard for the opposition, and Cleveland will miss him while he is out.

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