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Is Uncle Drew Beginning to Takeover Kyrie Irving?

November 26th, 2012 at 6:27 PM
By Pat Murphy

Wait, you haven't seen the Uncle Drew videos? Let's start there: Uncle Drew. Now that you are familiar with this, check out Chapter Two. Good now you are all caught up on how Pepsi is advertising one of their products using young basketball stars, disguised as washed up former players, who apparently call still ball.

While the first video initially appeared like it could be legitimate, the second one made me doubt the authenticity of the advertisements and decided they are likely staged. Regardless, I have begun to wonder if Kyrie Irving has not suffered from becoming Uncle Drew. No, not that he spent too much time working on these commercials, as star athletes these days are essentially required to do these endorsements in the offseason, but if he is really becoming the character he embodies.

Irving's injury history is well documented, both here and by other media outlets. There was the one injury that shortened his college career at Duke to just 11 games, and many of the Dukies still wonder would could have been that year if their point guard would have been around.

It was after that season, while Irving and the rest of the NBA were waiting for a collective bargaining agreement to be reached, that the first Uncle Drew video was released. Then this past offseason, after Irving had been hurt during a Summer League game, was when the sequel was filmed.

Since then both Irving and Kevin Love, who plays Wes in Chapter Two, have been injured, Love just returned from a preseason injury and Irving is out for another month.So could it be the that, while they showed that these old men could still bring it against the young players on the street courts, the aged characters have gotten the best of these two young stars?

Cavalier fans love to see their second-year player crossing up kids in the park, but they are becoming too familiar while the groaning pains that Drew has brought to Kyrie. Cleveland has invested everything in this youngster, and they do not want to see him transform into the often injured old man, who, while still talented, whose skills are only still viable in the street.

While it is obvious that the 20 year-old Irving is not actually morphing into the character makeup artists made him, the Cavaliers have to be worried that these injuries are starting to add up. While he stated before the season that he is not worried about being injury prone, evidence is against him. While Cleveland obviously cannot afford to give up on the star that can do a little bit of everything, they do have to hope that these ailments are just coincidences and things will work themselves out.

The Cavaliers will play their fourth game without Kyrie tonight, as they go on the road to take on the best team in the NBA, the Memphis Grizzlies. While they have gone 1-2 with Irving out of the lineup, they have played well, losing the two games by a combined six points. If they can really get something going without their superstar, Uncle Drew may spring another surprise, like the ones he did to those kids on the court.

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