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Typical Cleveland Cavaliers; One up, One Down

December 3rd, 2012 at 8:08 PM
By Pat Murphy

This season continues to be a whirlwind for fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers. This weekend encompassed what fans have dealt with all year with this team. Friday night, the Cavaliers went on the road, to take on a tough Atlanta Hawks team, and came out with a 113-111 win. Then the next night, in front of the home fans, the team falls in in double overtime to the Portland Trailblazers on a last second shot by Nicolas Batum.

In both games, fans were reminded of the potential of this team, who are still playing without their superstar, Kyrie Irving. In both games, though, things went wrong, which seems to be the model for failure for this team so far. With a record of 4-13, either the team is really bad (see the Washington Wizards) or things are just going very wrong.

Cleveland has had their issue with injury, namely Irving, but they also appear to abide by Murphy's Law, everything that could have gone wrong, in most games, has. While they were able to win in Atlanta, due in large part to another great performance from Anderson Varejao, they still experienced the same problems they have all season, including allowing six Hawks to score in double digits. Against the Blazers, the Cavaliers led for the majority of the game, but Portland was able to score when they needed to and force overtime twice.

The Trailblazer game really exemplified how things have gone wrong. Alonzo Gee had two free throw attempts with 2.5 seconds left in the game, with the chance to stretch the lead to three, but the 84% free-throw shooter only made one of two from the line. After a timeout, Damian Lillard inbounded the ball from midcourt to Batum, who knocked down the winning three in front of the Cleveland bench.

Had Gee been able to make both free throws, the last shot would have been to force a third overtime. Batum, who is a 37% three-point shooter, may not normally be the go-to guy in that situation, yet he had hit 3-of-4 on the night and was able to knock down a decently contended shot at the buzzer.

While it may not have been the best defense, not just on the last shot but throughout the game, the Cavaliers were unfortunate to be in that situation to begin with. As things have gone all year, Cleveland gets a win one night, yet cannot carry that momentum, or luck, to the next game.

Tonight the Cavaliers take on the Detroit Pistons, who are a half game a head of the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference. While record has really had no baring on Cleveland's results this season, they will look to get a road win against another team that is struggling. While you cannot discredit the issues of this team, they will hope things fall their way, in a game that no one will want to attempt to predict.

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