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Cavaliers Struggle, Bulls Win in Cleveland 95-85

December 6th, 2012 at 7:09 PM
By Bryan Pauquette

'Tyler Zeller Free Throw' photo (c) 2012, Erik Drost - license:
To sum up the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls Wednesday night is pretty easy. The Cavs couldn't shoot, the Bulls lead the whole way, and the game was never in really question. 95-85 was the final score and the Cavs fell to 4-15 on the season. OK, that's out of the way. Good. Now we can accept it, and move on to the bright spots. This will be the best way to keep a positive attitude on an increasingly frustrating season. We're going to find the positive takeaways from Wednesday night's game, countdown style.

6: The number of Cleveland players that scored in the double digits. As noted (too) many times throughout this season a major flaw with the Cavs is depth. When Kyrie was healthy it was like watching a two man team with a random third player showing up for the night. BUT on this night, there was a real collective effort. Anderson Varejao had 11 points, to go with 15 rebounds. Boobie Gibson filling in for Waiters put up 10 points. Tristan Thompson matched Andy with 11 points. Tyler Zeller contributed 10 points, along with 7 boards. C.J. Miles shot 50% from the field and had 10 points. Finally, Donald Sloan had a game-high of 14 points off the bench.

5: Day in December this game was played on. Meaning, IT'S STILL EARLY, PEOPLE! We still have a chance to make a run. Sure, the Cavs have dug themselves a hole, but there's 63 games left. Plus, isn't it more exciting to watch your team dig deep and make an amazing comeback than watch them go out and dominate every game and go undefeated? OK, maybe not, but (ir)regardless it is exciting to watch the underdog come out of no where and shock the world. We're trying to stay positive here!

4: Number of shots Andy made on 16 attempts. If you don't have your calculator handy, thats…hold on, can't find my calculator…25%. Not good. You're probably saying to yourself, well that's a negative, B-Ry. Ah, but wait, this is a RARE thing for Andy. So if he had shot at his regular 50.2%, he would have made four more shots. Calculator tells me thats eight more points. So the Cavs would have, well, still lost. The point remains the same, he had a out of character performance, and moving forward this should be expected to remain rare.

3: Number of assists AND steals Andy had. Seriously, he does it all.If he isn't a starter at the All Star game it will be a crime.

2: Amount of injured starters. OK, OK, no excuses, blah blah blah. Fine, but the bottom line is that the Cavs will be better when Irving and Waiters are healthy. Wednesday night was a 10 point game, with these guys in the lineup it could easily swing the other way. Cleveland is playing without a natural floor general. Irving is like the quarterback, and having anyone else lead the team is like the Jets starting Sanchez, Tebow, or McElroy. It's like sending Cory into Seven Minutes of Heaven with Topanga (5:30). They just can't get the job done.

1:  Total time (in minutes) I thought the Cavs were going to beat the Bulls. Hey, it's better than 0.

-62: Combined +/- for the Cavs starters. No positive spin here, that's just bad.

Cleveland looks to take all the these positives to Minnesota Friday night when they play the Timberwolves. Game tips at 8 pm.

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