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Cleveland Cavaliers Lose to the Detroit Pistons, but They Find Their Stride Against the Oklahoma City Thunder

February 3rd, 2013 at 6:08 PM
By Bryan Pauquette

'Kyrie Irving Shooting' photo (c) 2012, Erik Drost - license: If there is one place I never want to go in my life, it’s Detroit. The Cleveland Cavaliers unfortunately didn’t have that option as those guys down at the league office made them visit the Pistons on Friday.

Every Cavalier player was so upset they couldn’t even see the basket; they were shooting an abysmal 18.8% halfway through the first.

Meanwhile, the Pistons started off hot, shooting above 50% in the same stretch.

During the second quarter, Cleveland got a little hot and Detroit cooled off, making it a close game. But the Pistons controlled the game, and shot 54% overall. It was a real team effort: six players scored in the double digits, and two players had nine points.

Cleveland was well-rounded as well, Tristan Thompson (19), Kyrie Irving (14), Marreese Speights (17), C.J. Miles (12), and Wayne Ellington (13) all scored in double figures. Thompson had a huge effort, and he contributed nine boards as well.

Detroit pulled away in the third and won 117-99.

Needless to say, when the Thunder came to town Saturday, it was very frightening. The Pistons are 18-29, and the Cavs basically got blown out. The Thunder were 35-11 heading into Saturday, along with the league’s best road record.

It did not turn out as expected.

Cleveland played physical, but they also played intelligently and focused. They created open looks with good ball movement. They showed the basketball world that they are capable of being a contender in the future. They clearly have the talent within themselves, but they are still lacking the charisma in order bring it all together.

Their great efforts did not go unnoticed, and the sold out Q was rocking the entire night. When Kyrie came back in the game in the fourth, he took them to another level.

If you haven’t realized by now, the kid is ice cold. “He’s a killer” as Marreese Speights put it. After saying he was “disinterested” following the Pistons game he redeemed him self by putting on one of his best performances yet.

Kyrie had 35 points, and 13 of those came in the final 2:52. It was a back and forth game the whole way, but Irving took it into his hands in the closing minutes. He pulled Cleveland up 110-108, and with under a minute to go, he cooly pulled up from deep and drilled a three to put a dagger in the Thunder.

Although he was phenomenal, he did have some great support. Tristan Thompson has 11 points and 12 rebounds, continuing his great play. Marreese Speights had another great night off the bench with 21 points and 10 rebounds. He has been a terrific addition to the squad.

Overall, Cavalier fans should forget the Pistons game and focus on the successes that happened against the Thunder. Coach Byron Scott will have to focus on the positive things that worked in that game as they look ahead to their matchup against the Bobcats on Wednesday.

That game is in Cleveland and tips at 7:00 PM.

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