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Cleveland Cavaliers Lack Effort in Tough Loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves

February 13th, 2013 at 10:34 PM
By Bryan Pauquette

'Tristan Thompson' photo (c) 2012, Erik Drost - license: The struggling Minnesota Timberwolves came to Cleveland Monday night, and didn’t struggle. Despite a rare performance shooting above 50%, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 100-92.

Minnesota shot 57% from beyond the arc, and made three more from downtown than Cleveland in less attempts.

What doesn’t make the box, however, is effort. The Cavaliers lost this game with their lack of enthusiasm.

"We basically did it to ourselves," C.J. Miles said. "They made some tough shots – don't take anything away from them – but for the most part, we gave the game to them. We just don't get it. It was just a poor effort from the start. It just didn't look like we were interested."

Unfortunately he is absolutely right., and that’s what Cleveland’s season has been like as of late. They start playing well, stringing together some wins, but then one loss can discourage the whole lot to the point of where they can't regroup, which results into major losing streaks.

Cleveland’s “Big Three” played well. Kyrie Irving had his now standard 20-point night, on 9-of-20 shooting. He also threw in seven assists, which is above is 5.5 average on the year. Dion Waiters didn’t shoot much, but when he did he made it count. The rookie out of Syracuse had 12 points on 6-of-6 shooting. Tristan Thompson played the best out of the group, and he continues to be a force. TT had 16 points, nine rebounds, four steals, and two blocks. He has firmly locked himself in as Cleveland’s second best player.

“The Others” did okay. Rookie Tyler Zeller didn’t have any points, but he grabbed eight rebounds. Starting small forward Alonzo Gee had 11 points, but he did bad on the glass as he only grabbed four rebounds.

The Cavs continue to get stellar performances off the bench. Overall they shot 15-29 from the field. Marreese Speights had ten points. Wayne Ellington shot 4-of-7, and he also contributed 10 points to the team’s effort.

The went back and forth for most of the way, and Cleveland was always within reach. That’s what makes it such a frustrating loss. When a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers watches a team play a game they could easily win but don’t simply due to a lack of effort, then they are sure to be infuriated. There is no excuse for that, especially when considering that a lot of Cleveland players are making at least one million dollars per year, and they should reward upper-management with excellent effort on the court.

Byron Scott must be more angry than anyone. His job is in jeopardy, and it really shouldn't be because the Cavaliers are just not executing on the court. Byron Scott can not play shooting guard for these guys!. There have been too many games that they could have easily won. Scott is an excellent coach, and he usually puts these guys in a great position to win. In professional sports, a coach can only do so much motivation. When it comes down to it, it’s up to the players. However, the front office, and plenty of fans don’t see it that way. That’s unfortunate for them.

The Cavaliers host San Antonio Wednesday night. The Spurs have a league best 41-12 record. Hopefully the Central's Division's last place team will play with a sense of urgency in this one; they will certainly need to do that if they wish to keep Byron Scott's job.

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